I have been working privately with fitness expert Makaan Burt for almost 9 months now and have high praise for his training. I have come into my own strength and agility under his tutelage. We have been working out with pilates, yoga and suspension strength exercises.  My body has been given new life under his  careful guidance and respect for my safety. Thank you Makaan for your great gift to my life.

Michael Bissonnette, CEO, Bissonnette Funding- January 2013


Thanks for the long deep tissue work on my right shoulder. It has been bothering me on and off for the past couple of years and I experienced immediate relief after second session. That was couple of months ago and it’s still better than it was !

Rick Maddox.. –master furniture maker, November 2014


Makaan’s massage is the best I’ve experienced! His assessment is thorough and accurate and his various techniques and talents are restorative and healing. I left feeling integrated, renewed, and vibrant. A friend saw me afterward at the grocery store and commented on how she has never seen me look so healthy and whole. He is a true healer.

Melissa, -hospice chaplain,  June 2013

It was delightful to receive the massage  treatment from you. I went home and slept for 2 hours and then proceeded to do nothing all day. I was soooo relaxed and none of my headaches  since!  Would love to do more. Let’s reconnect and schedule  another treatment.

Chantal  – Fung Shui practitioner- 1999

Makaan is not just any average Yoga therapist, but one steeped in years of practice and personal feeling for this healing science!  He gives attention to small details, and thus knows the bodies and the limitations of each of his students. I am constantly impressed with how he can quickly accesses a body structure, then challenges in a gental yet encouraging way to push his clients to find more body awareness while learning yoga. As a Doctor it is important for me to work with someone whom I trust is both well trained in textual knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga as a healing science, not just teaching a modern “exercise” routine.

I highly recommend Makaan as a yoga therapist to my patients for his years of experience and his integrity of helping each person where they are in the moment. He has helped me to bring my body back into balance after the long stressful rigors of medical school and pregnancy !

Nashalla Niyinde,  Doctor of Tibetan Medicine- 2010

After about two months, I have had great results with Makaan’s Joint Class at the Lafayette YMCA.  I have had one knee and two hips replaced, and with his leadership my very achey/painful IT band on my left leg has eased off considerably and remarkably (80% less pain).  His exercises have helped my aching shoulders which used to make it impossible for me to put on a jacket by reaching behind my back.  His routine is logical, and I can remember it at home–starting at my head, working down to my feet, then back to the hips and shoulders on the roller.  Makaan  asks his students what is bothering them to gives us exercises to help us with our aches of the day’!

Jean Morgan- January 2013

Calm and Peaceful… I really loved your Hot Rocks Yoga Class! The yoga was great and the rocks were so grounding (literally)! I felt the calming effects of your class for several days – thank you!
Mary O’Donnell  – teacher  – June 2008

If you are looking for a safe gentle approach to yoga instruction, Makaan is the yogi. The more I experience other yoga teaching styles the more I value and fall back on my firm yoga foundation as learned from Makaan.

T. Coble  – High school english teacher.

Not a day passes that I am not reminded that your guidance has again taken me and my husband down the yoga path. Mark has incorporated  his practice into daily life.  His back is feeling  much better, and I think a lot of it is confidence in your expertise.  I have found that just sitting  meditation is what I need most as my yoga teaching schedule is so full. So thank you, thank you.

Mureen (yoga teacher) and Mark

“After weeks of lower back pain I found relief practicing the  poses, custom recommended  by Makaan, in the Back Pain Workshop.
Also I found a new level of mindfulness that keeps me from re-injuring  my
back. I am still pain free after 5 months.  High praise!”

Gary –  40  year old man

“Surprisingly, Yoga makes me feel like as if I am unfolding and growing like a flower. When the hour and a half of stretches, deep breaths and twists and turns are done, I have moved into a new organic state of being.
Our class is called “therapeutic yoga” which means it is just right for us geezers who are not ready to twist ourselves into a bow. Our teacher Makaan Burt , gently introduces us to both the exercises and the culture and language of yoga. It was the next best thing to gardening.”

Ann –  Lyons CO newspaper editor

“What I like Makaan’s teaching  because is  he is gently assertive, forgiving, nurturing, soft spoken and peaceful. He is extremely good at figuring out what each person needs to do to achieve some level of success. Makaan creates an extremely comfortable and safe class for females, is very careful to honor anyone’s “boundaries”. I do recommend his class to my friends and bring guests who visit from out of
town. “

Terry –  Lyons Special Ed School teacher

“Since taking Makaan` Yoga for the Young at Heart ‘ I have better focus. My lungs feel like they fill more evenly so I am level when I float in the pool. Before my right side was low.”

Leah- a  73year old women Longmont

“Makaan’s class has given me deep sense of calm and peace. I use the breathing to keep me relaxed during the day. It helps me with easier body movements when I am stiff. I have entered a new way to live life.”

Caroly –  Longmont

After Makaans class I was in a trance. I walked around amazed at how wonderful I felt. It lasted a few hours, and I new I had found a new home in this yoga state of being.

Rachele  –  Westminster.

I feel more energy and my body has less aches and pains. I have noticed I can sit longer without getting tired at gatherings. My meditations are deep and blissful during class.

Marilyn – Nederland